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Thrice Sovereign Events

Find the latest info about Thrice Sovereign events of past, present, and future!

2023 Hippie Fest @ Crane Hill, AL

June 16, 2023

Set your sights on Crane Hill, AL this summer for the much-anticipated Hippie Fest, where Thrice Sovereign, the dynamic local LGBT band from Florence, is set to make a splash! Venture into an exciting amalgamation of culture, community, and color, and experience the magic of live music like never before. Come along, sing along, and enjoy the harmonic convergence of peace, love, and music at Hippie Fest!

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2023 Festival of Litha

June 11, 2023

Join us at the Festival of Litha 2023, where Thrice Sovereign, Florence, AL’s much-loved LGBT band, will be performing for the first time! Revel in a day filled with local live music, delectable food, arts, and vendors as Thrice Sovereign punctuates this celebration of diversity and community spirit with their inspiring performance.

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Renaissance City Pride 2023

June 10, 2023

Thrice Sovereign, Florence, AL’s acclaimed LGBT band, is ready to rock the stage for the second consecutive year at the Renaissance City Pride. Don’t miss their electrifying performance as they add another chapter to their musical journey, resonating with the Pride’s ethos of love, acceptance, and equality.

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Mesa, AZ Music Festival 2023

April 15, 2023

Calling all Mesa Monarchs! Thrice Sovereign is making their way to Arizona for the 2023 Mesa Music Festival, all the way from Florence, AL! This is an exciting opportunity for both locals and music enthusiasts to experience a unique sound and performance from Florence’s favorite pop-rock duo. However, we need your support!

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